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Which is a specialized company of Materials for casting.

SAMWOO M-Tec Welcomes you to visit.

SAMWOO M-Tec Co., Ltd. is a specialized company that supplies high-quality casting raw materials and subsidiary materials. It started with Samwoo Trading in 1987. We invite professional engineers with advanced technologies from abroad many times every year to host seminars and technical instructions directly on sites to improve technology in the casting industry.

Furthermore, our knowledgeable sales employees in this industry strive to visit businesses frequently in order to provide instruction on techniques and help solve any difficulties.

We, SAMWOO M-Tec Co., Ltd., take a serious view of social value based on customer-centered management that always values customers and challenges for the future, and will always do our best to become a company that grows with customers.

Thank you very much for your interest and support.

CEO of SAMWOO M-Tec, CO., Ltd., Joon Ho Hwang